Gardener's Supply: Proudly Employee-Owned


We act like we own the place, because we do!

Our company has been 100% employee-owned since 2009. In general terms, that means we all earn stock and share in company profits through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). But ask any of our employee-owners, and they'll tell you it goes way beyond that. Being co-owners really means that we:

  • care deeply about our customers and their successes in the garden;
  • sustain a vibrant focus on gardening;
  • support a strong social mission;
  • take care of our communities and one another;
  • and work hard to safeguard the increasingly fragile planet we've been entrusted with.

We've been recognized by ESOP Association President J. Michael Keeling as "a prime example of an ESOP company that actively engages its employee-owners, the employee ownership community, and elected officials at the state and federal levels." We're proud to share our commitment and the power of ESOPs with other companies too ? whether they're already an ESOP, or just venturing into the realm of employee ownership.

Will RaapFounder Will Raap at our annual celebration of employee ownership on the winter solstice, sharing a symbolic “piece of the pie” with our garden center customers.

Through employee ownership we remain passionately committed to our founding vision ? to spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community and makes the world a better place.

Learn more about employee stock ownership programs and structure by visiting the ESOP Association.

Last updated: 12/05/2022