Made by Us

Bringing Vermont ingenuity to gardeners nationwide

Employee in manufacturing bending aluminum for a garden cart

Gardener's Supply Company offers thousands of products from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Americas, but our signature items are made by us — right here in Vermont.

We dove into manufacturing when we realized that most gardening products missed the mark. As gardeners ourselves, we knew we could do better. Our first product was an unusual saltbox-style greenhouse that northern gardeners loved for the way it maximized every last little bit of precious light. Next, we tried our hand at garden sheds. These, too, were a hit. Pretty soon, our mantra became "If it exists, we'll make it better. And if it doesn't exist, we'll make it!"

That attitude has led to our best-selling Lifetime Aluminum Raised Bed Corners and In-Line Connectors — which make building a custom raised bed super easy.

Cedar raised bed with aluminum corner being put togetherRust-proof and strong, our raised bed corners and connectors make for ultra-durable beds that outperform others season after season.
Aluminum corners stacked in manufacturing facility

We then started building complete raised bed kits and elevated garden boxes — and we're now the nation's largest supplier of raised and elevated cedar garden beds.

In response to a growing number of small-space, urban and patio gardeners, we created our Self-Watering Standing Garden, which comes either untreated or protected with an eco-friendly, food-safe preservative in several colors.

Self-Watering Standing GardenThe Self-Watering Standing Garden is compact, no-bend gardening at its best. With a generous inner reservoir, it reduces the need for frequent watering and keeps plants more consistently hydrated.
Large Brown Garden Cart filled

Our Gardener's Supply Cart comes in two sizes and several colors — and is a beloved staple in gardens across the country. It's easier to maneuver than a wheelbarrow, handles up to ten times the load, can be pushed OR pulled by one person, and has an easy-open gate for quick loading and dumping.

We love when our customers write to let us know they're finally replacing their carts after a decade or more of rigorous use, and coming back to us for do so. It's gratifying to know that we're succeeding in our goal of building quality products that last.

Sunlite® Garden

For indoor gardeners, and those who love to start their fruits, veggies, and flowers from seed, our SunLite® Gardens are second to none. A line of high-quality, rolling and tabletop grow light stands, they're popular with houseplant lovers, recreational gardeners, and serious growers alike. Available in an array of heights and sizes, there's one for any space, large or small.

"The key to this business? Always be an entrepreneur, always be a start-up," says Pete Gay, who runs our manufacturing facility. "Don't keep doing things just because they're comfortable."

We're proud of our can-do philosophy, and our "made by gardeners for gardeners" commitment. Stay tuned for the next innovation!

Last updated: 04/20/2022