Our Team of Garden Testers

Meet the gardeners who make sure our products are the best

Product Designer working on Vertex TrellisGetting a gardener's feedback on a prototype in our Burlington test garden.

Our main test garden in Burlington, VT, is a busy place. There, our Product Testing and Research Coordinator oversees multi-layered tests of our signature products to make sure they work as intended for our customers.

Product Designer working on Vertex TrellisEach season we invite our employee-owner gardeners into our Vermont test garden to see new products and prototypes, get their feedback on features, applications, and function, and generate new ideas.

Given that the U.S. has many different regions, each with their own climates, conditions, and challenges, it would be shortsighted of us not to test in those environments too.

For that purpose, we've established a nationwide network of gardeners testing products in unique conditions. These testers, just like our customers, range from novice gardeners to professional growers?and everything in between. And often they come up with exciting new uses for products that we wish we'd thought of ourselves. Here, Laura LeBoutillier sent us a shot of our decorative Essex Round Trellis, intended for flowering vines, as a stunning tomato support. Who says veggie gardening can't be dramatic?

Test Gardeners like Ana (@pnw_ana) help us grow better products by sharing their unique perspectives and inspiring uses of our gardening solutions.

Last updated: 06/23/2022