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About Amaryllis & Flowers

There's a reason amaryllis are everywhere during winter time — they're super easy to grow and super satisfying to watch, producing huge, dramatic blooms that last for weeks and bring months of joy to gift recipients. The bulbs arrive rarin' to go, ready to grow, and will burst into bloom in just weeks! Best of all, no green thumb is needed....

The hardest part is choosing a variety! Every amaryllis in our curated collection is sure to delight. We sell traditional favorites as well as rare and exclusive showstoppers. For an especially dramatic display or over-the-top gift, we offer several multi-bulb gardens and sets.

Our premium bulbs are larger than our competitors, producing huge flowers on multiple stems. If you're looking for bold holiday decor and gifts to impress, explore the wide array of amaryllis varieties and presentations we offer.

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