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Product Designer working on Vertex TrellisDesigner Cody McKibben with the Vertex Tomato Cage he designed. Stronger and taller than other cages, it's also super light, rustproof, flexes with the wind, and can be opened up to wrap around already established, bushy plants.

As gardeners, we're always looking for ways to make gardening easier and more joyful. And, like you, we've also had our fair share of vexing garden problems. So we stay busy trying to improve and create products that help our gardens thrive.

We know it's a big investment to design, develop, and test new products. But we also know there's simply no substitute for experience ? and we're happy to share ours with you!

Our Bamboo LED Grow Light Gardens look incredible and deliver amazing results. Our best grow lights yet, plants can now be brought to fruit and flower indoors!

Innovation doesn't stop with product delivery. "We always ask, 'can we make this even better?'" says Kay Burde, Product Development Director. "We regularly update and even reinvent products based on new technologies and customer feedback."

Do you have a product idea?

Help us find our next gardening innovation. If there's a garden solution you've been searching for, let us know and we might be able to build it.

Last updated: 01/25/2021