We founded our company on the premise that gardens change lives. They nourish the body, elevate the spirit, and build community. More than ever, after suffering and hardship caused by Covid-19, the world needs more gardens. The volunteering we do and donations we make each year on behalf of our Harvest Hope program are two of the most important ways Gardener’s Supply gives back to the global community.

More than ever, the world needs more gardens
Gardening Nourishes the Body
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Gardening Elevates the Spirit
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Gardening Builds Community
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Elevates the Spirit.jpg
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Join the Effort

Many hands make light work — join us in our mission to create more gardens! There are lots of ways to get involved, from donating your extra produce, to volunteering in a community garden, or making a donation to one of our incredible partners.

Featured Partners
Kids Gardening Intervale Center