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Explore our carefully crafted and garden-tested custom fertilizers, potting mixes, and soil blends, designed to enhance the growth and health of a variety of plants in any gardening setting. Whether you’re starting seeds, growing in containers or raised beds, tending a self-watering planter, or looking to refresh and revitalize nutrient-depleted soil, we’ve got soils & fertilizers for every use, all vetted and grow-tested by our gardening experts to provide specialized benefits for your growing situation. ...

To ensure you have the right amount of soil for your project, be sure to check out our soil calculator. It will help you determine the exact amount of soil you need for your specific gardening needs. From compost-based soil boosters to organic and peat-free potting and seed-starting mixes to plenty of earth-friendly soil and fertilizer options, our high-quality soil selection is curated for your gardening success./h2>

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